B-Side Coffee Gift Box

B-Side Coffee Gift Box

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Send friends and family your favorite B-Side beans. Choose from a selection of 3 of our organic single origin 12oz boxes. Please include in the notes section of the cart if you would like us to add a gift note in the box.

Option 1: Assorted Medium Roasts: Ethiopian Limu, Mexican Oaxaca, Papua New Guinea Purosa

Option 2: Assorted Darker Roasts: Colombia Sierra Nevada, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Sumatra Mandheling

Option 3: Afro Mayan: Udaya Light Roast, Ethiopian Limu, Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Option 4: Hangar B Favorites: Papua New Guinea Purosa Medium, Guatemala Huehuetenango Dark, Mexican Decaffeinated Blend